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New Organic plant feeds: Yucca and CalMag 2.0

blog-8-bac-online.jpg16 Jan.

Expanding our organic plant feed line is important to us. We are always looking for products that optimise plant growth organically. Therefore, we recently welcomed two new products in our product range: Yucca and CalMag 2.0

Soil improvement and wetting agent Yuccah

If your soil is too dry and it doesn’t contain enough nutrients to grow a good quality crop, then Yuccah might be a perfect remedy. Yuccah is a natural wetting agent and a soil improvement product based on the Yuccah-extract Schidigera. 

Yuccah use has the following benefits:

  • Improved water uptake
  • Improved distribution of water and fertiliser 
  • Increased growth of beneficial soil bacteria
  • Reduced surface tension
  • Better plant survival during extreme heat and drought, without the risk of leaf burn. 
  • Better protection from excessive salinity levels. 

Furthermore, Yuccah ensures that your plants will look better, with a beautiful leaf gloss, while repelling pests. Read more about Yuccah.

Calmag 2.0: high-quality supplement 

We have multiple supplements that boost plant health when pH-levels are too high or too low. For instance, we have pH-, pH+, Plant Vitality Plus and Silica Power. And now we have CalMag 2.0. 

Calmag 2.0 is a mixture of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements. The trace elements ensure that your plants can absorb calcium and magnesium better. Read more about Calmag 2.0.  

More information about organic plant feed

We welcome new additions to our product range regularly. Most of these products carry the Vegan trademark, which means we meet vegan plant cultivation requirements. Browse through our products for more information. 

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